BOTTLECHOCK is a unique storage solution for various cylinders including bbq gas cylinders, scuba tanks or even welding applications. It is designed for security in fixed positions, or while in transport, creating a safer environment.

Part Numbers

Part No Mounting Bracket No of Cylinders Diameter Range
 BST1S  Stainless  1  100-145MM
 BST2S  Stainless  2  100-145MM
 BST3S  Stainless  3  100-145MM
 BST4S  Stainless  4  100-145MM
 BST1M  Stainless  1  160-230MM
 BST2M  Stainless  2  160-230MM
 BST3M  Stainless  3  160-230MM
 BST4M  Stainless  4  160-230MM
 BST1L  Stainless  1  245-375MM
 BST2L  Stainless  2  245-375MM


* Also available with galvanised brackets