kool tie

Kool Tie

  • Keeps you cool by process of evaporation
  • Contains Polymer Crystals that absorb and retain water
  • Extra long for a comfortable fit
  • Durable Micro Mesh option available singly or in display box of 20
  • Poly/Cotton version available in display box of 20

Part Numbers

Code Colour Code Colour
Micro Mesh Poly/Cotton
KT AB Atlantic Blue KTBX PNV Box of 20 Navy
KT BG Bottle Green KTBX POY Box of 20 Orange/Yellow
KT CM Camel
KT OR Hi Vis Orange
KT YW Hi Vis Yellow
KT NV Navy
KT AQ Aqua
KT BN Bone
KT PK Pink
KT SG Silver Grey
KT WT White
KTP ASS Printed Assorted Patterns
KTBX MNV Box of 20 Navy M/M
KTBX MOY Box of 20 Orange/Yellow M/M
KTBX MAS Box of 20 Assorted M/M